City of La Canada Flintridge

Lie close in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, the City of La Canada Flintridge is a unique and beautiful place to live, work and play. Incorporated since November 30, 1976, the City is a "contract city". It has a small full-time staff, and contracts for many of the services provided to its citizens. The City Council, Commission, Committees, and staff strives to be responsive and provide the highest level of service to residents. All City staff is housed in City Hill and organized into four departments: Administrations, Community Development, Finance, and Public Works.

While the city is only about 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, La Canada Flintridge with its tree-lined streets, elegant homes and rolling lawns of spacious estates and colorful flowers maintains its small-town atmosphere. A low-key lifestyle that centers on the children and the community is central to the city's residents.

History of La Canada Flintridge
In earlier times, the story of La Canada has many chapters. The first inhabitants were probably the Shoshoneans who settled in the Los Angeles basin about 2500 years ago. They lived in small villages near water sources  and hunted and gathered game and acorns from numerous oak trees in what is now La Canada Flintridge. Without a year round source of water there would not have been a  permanent Indian village here. The documented history of the area starts with the Pope deciding that all of Columbus' New World west of a line in the middle of the North Atlantic could be claimed by Spain, and all of the discoveries east of this line would belong to Portugal Centuries later (1769) Spanish Missionaries, including Father Serra, arrived here with military guards. With Native American missions at San Gabriel and San Fernando

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Points of Interest
La Canada Flintridge is a home to Descanso Gardens, a 165-acre botanical garden and NASA's Jet Propulsion Labortatory, which is at the forefront of the nation's space program. Another source of pride for the community is the La Canada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Association's annual float entry in Pasadena's New Year Day Paarade, which is designed and constructed by volunteers with funding coming from the community and the city. With the San Gabriel Mountains as a dramatic backdrop, La Canada Flintridge represents the very best of California living